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"A significant number of major financial institutions are already licensed to the patent portfolio. We will be offering standard licenses to any interested party, now through July 31, 2003."

Steve Joroff,
Director of Licensing,
Telcordia Technologies
eCheck uses smart cards or other secure hardware tokens to ensure the integrity of digital signatures

Market Trials
Phase I of the U.S. Treasury Market Trial came to a successful conclusion in 2000, with over $10,000,000 in payments securely disbursed over the Internet. Phase II, which is now operational, opens up trial participation to a broader community of participants.

Commercialization Efforts
Two startup companies, Clareon Corporation and Xign Corporation, have both licensed the core eCheck technology and are now rolling out new, innovative payment services. Other potential licensing discussions are underway.

Patents Issued
The core eCheck patent (US05677955) was issued October 14, 1997. This patent covers the notion of a digital signed payment authorization, including the concept of a digital signature that remains valid even if sub-documents are removed from the original signed authorization. Two subsequent patents have been issued: US06021202 on February 1, 2000, and US6209095 on March 27, 2001.
10/23/02: FSTC and Telcordia to Market Electronic Transaction Patent Portfolio

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